My name is Peyman “Toby” Torabi and I’m a Game & Software Engineering student at BTH. The things I enjoy primarily are rendering, GPGPU, and game development using engines such as Unreal Engine 4. I also like to create stuff with Houdini and similar 3D packages.

On this site you can see  a selection of various projects that I have either made on my own or been a part of. You can reach me at the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

My skills:

  • C/C++
  • OpenGL (along with some WebGL)
  • GPGPU with CUDA

While C/C++ is my main focus I am also familiar with Java, C# and a bit of Python.

I recently started with Codewars so I figured I might as well link my badge.

Software design:

Knowledgeable in areas concerning software design and optimization. Which is why I worked as a teacher’s assistant in the Object-Oriented Design course at BTH in 2017.

3D Packages:

Rigging, animation and modeling (non-organics) in Maya, I am also familiar with Houdini which is currently my preferred 3D Package. (Note that the human mesh was generated with MakeHuman and the long sword was created by a friend. I skinned and rigged the character for animation.)