Wowee, it’s been a while.

Been a while since I updated. To all of my thousands of fans who read my blog every day, I apologize.

To the rest of you, this page is mostly a place for me to keep track of my own progress. Especially now that I have changed to a different University, leaving IT Engineering behind and going for a degree that I’m much more interested in.

“Master of Science in what?” Yep. Game & Software Engineering. Figured this way I could still go for an engineering degree and still work with animation, but this time around I will be developing technology that powers animation, as opposed to animating myself. Of course nothing is stopping me from still animating as a hobby. (And professionally in the future) Like this squirrel thing.

So basically. This blog will be update a few times a year to keep track of my progress. Currently learning C and in a few months we’ll dive into C++. Eventually making 2D and 3D game engines and whatnot.

char name[] = “Toby”;

printf(“\nMaybe I can do something more interesting than printf in a few months. Until then, bye!”);

printf(“\n- %s”, name);

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