Holy Batman I’m actually blogging – 3D Modeling Assignment

I’m as shocked as you are. Only doing this so that it is easier for me to look back at my past failures. Oh what a time to be alive.

So instead of being a productive member of society I’ve decided to complement my terrible animation skills with terrible modeling. So I followed a tutorial on Digital Tutors to create some weird ass looking solar panel you can see the result below. (Don’t even ask about the legs)

For some reason the tutor insisted on making every single cell an actual model. So the model is super optimized and will totally not kill your computer. Anyways, the assignment was to make something similar yourself. So I made a satellite of some sort. Tada! Or some other fancy word. Maybe presto is better. That reminds me, I like pesto.

I screwed up in some places but overall I suppose it turned out okay and it doesn’t have nearly as many tris as the previous model since well.. I didn’t model every damn individual solar cell. You can just slap a texture on for that. Not that I know how to do UV mapping yet in Maya.

Also wordpress is being a turd and won’t let me put a featured image on this post.  I really hope Webhook takes off. (Hopefully with a free option since I’m cheap jerk)


While writing this I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging sucks. I’m way too lazy for this.

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