Welcome to the third dimension


I’ve gained a whole new perspective on life ever since I begun 3D Programming.

Puns in italics aside. I have been learning a lot of cool stuff. The featured image of this post isn’t all that great unless it moves so have a look here instead: Spinning logos with diffuse lighting

Maybe not super impressive, but it is a start. Even rendered some super cool textured cubes in another project. Six sided cubes! Six!

Took quite a while to get this far but OpenGL is great fun to use. Our next step is rather daunting though, a massive project that is worth 8 ECTS credits where we implement a ton of features in our very own rendering engine. Deadline is April 3rd. There’s a long list of features we can implement, among them skeletal animation and I figured that’s definitely one I should attempt to do seeing as how I am an animation nerd. First step towards my ultimate goal of making animation technology.

While this is all very exciting, I still feel like I am a massive idiot since I am about to do the work that was meant for three people on my own. 99% (Not an accurate number but sure feels like it) are using DirectX, so I can’t work with anyone. Can’t be that hard to do the work of three people in a field that you are not experienced in, right?


.. right?


Tune in next time for the epic conclusion of: “Man takes on more than he can handle and is too stupid to realize”!

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