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Surprise! I’m still alive. Kind of forgot about this place. Almost a year since I updated, yikes. So much for being consistent. Anyways, what you see above is my first little game that I made back in March for our C++ project. Poilu Pierre is a game set in WW1 where you are a soldier who, when Commandant Croissant gets chronic diarrhea, decides to take over command and lead the French forces to victory. Complete with fake “AI” (basically just a bunch of bools that tell the other dudes what to do) and a system for ordering soldiers to attack, defend and retreat. Was a lot of fun to make. Sadly I don’t program as much as I would like to. But once November comes along we will start learning about 3d programming. A gigantic course that spans several months. I may or may not perish during this course. If I don’t perish already during this current period where we have two maths courses and a physics course at the same time. Great fun. (I should be studying right now)

I’m also planning on signing up for an extra course that covers 2D and 3D graphics, but from the sound of things it is most likely on a very basic level so the 3D part of the course might not be very helpful. Hopefully the 2D part will be. Maybe it will help me enough so that I don’t look like an idiot whenever I visit the Technical Artist student’s computer room.

Anyways we’ll see what happens once the 3d course starts. Hopefully I’ll remember to update more often to keep track of my progress. (I’ll probably forget)

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